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An annual Flat Roof Inspection is a practical tool for commercial building owners who want to take a proactive approach to building maintenance and budgeting their ongoing repairs and replacement cost. When it comes to Flat Roof Inspections: A flat roofing professional knows exactly what to look for and how to document flat roof wear, aging, damage, and poorly done repairs which are not waterproof. Walking the roof is still the quickest, and one of the best methods to evaluate the workmanship, overall condition, effects of aging, and to inspect for possible leaks. There are also other ways to check commercial flat roofs for leaks like using a special infrared camera that can show accumulated moisture beneath a roofs surface by highlighting the difference in temperatures. However there are limitations with infrared technology. In the winter, snow cover on a flat roof limits the infrared ability of the camera, so it mainly shows only heat loss through the roof. During the summer, commercial flat roofs heat up so much in the day that we need to wait until evening when the buildings temperature has acclimated, so we can get an accurate thermal image. We believe that the best commercial roof inspection is still done by a professional roofer physically inspecting and documenting issues with your roof. We will provide you photos with easy to understand descriptions that show current and potential problems, along with a well written overview of your roofs condition.
Flat Roof Inspection report

Here is a sample of a Flat Roof Inspection report by Rubber Roofing MN

We inspected the roof at – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – to investigate the leakage issues. The roof assembly is an EPDM roof membrane with unknown insulation as a substrate. We found several items improperly installed and in need of immediate repair. These items are as follows:
  • Many field splices at membrane laps are incorrectly installed. These appear to have no primer at seam tape installations.
  • Several field splices have no adhesive or seam tape installed and are open for water intrusion.
  • Several locations have a non-compatible tape sealant applied, which is not in a water-tight condition
  • Wall flashing transitions do not appear to have termination as required by manufacturer’s specifications.
  • Chimney flashing has no termination at top of flashing, as required by manufacturer’s specifications, and is not in a water-tight condition.
  • Vent stacks at east side of roof are improperly installed, with incompatible flashing materials, and are not in a water-tight condition.
  • Gutter flashing on the east side is improperly installed and has an incompatible tape over the edge of the field membrane. This flashing has several locations that are not water-tight.
  • Telecommunication utility boxes (three locations) are improperly installed and are not in a water-tight condition.
These items should be repaired as soon as possible to eliminate water intrusion to the building. Thank you for the opportunity to work with you on this project. Please call with any questions. Respectfully submitted, Ben McPhillips Estimator

Roof Area Improper Installation Photos


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