Ice Dam Removal Service

Ice dam removal
Ice Dam Removal

Ice Dam Removal for Minneapolis & St. Paul, plus all the Metro Suburbs

Ice Dams are an all too common sign of frigid Minnesota winters. Ice dams form when snow and ice accumulate on the roof of a house, rather than melting or falling off the roof overhangs and gutters.

Beware: if you have ice dams on your buildings they can cause major damage. As the ice forces its way underneath the roofing shingles it will eventually work its way underneath, lifting them up and creating an opening, so you no longer have a water tight seal. You might not have any problems now, but once the temperature warms up and the snow starts to melt you may experience water leaking in through your roofs, ceilings and down the interior walls buildings creating major problems for you and your tenants.

Professional Equipment Is Needed To Safely Remove Ice Dams

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We Are Fully Trained and Insured for Snow and Ice Dam Removal

To prevent roof damage caused by snow and ice, be sure to get professional ice dam removal services from a trusted roofing contractor. Having the snow and ice removed from your roof requires special care and equipment. The last thing you want is to further damage your roof by improperly removing the ice and snow, not to mention, there are potential safety risks involved working on your rooftop in the middle of winter.

We are trained in safe, effective ice dam removal without damaging your roofing materials in the process. Our professional and fully insured roofing crew will safely remove the snow and ice that has accumulated on your roof with our professional ice steamer equipment which won’t create leaks or cause damage. Whether you are looking for commercial or residential ice dam removal, you can count on Rubber Roofing MN. We have over 25 years of experience serving Minnesota business and home owners, so you know you can trust us to take care of the problem quickly, efficiently and safely.

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