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Mechanically Attached Roofing System

The Mechanically Attached Systems (or MAS) offer an alternative application method for unusual roof configurations or roofs with a lot of penetrations and obstructions. Mechanically attached roofs have recently become the most common method for attaching roof membranes, currently dominating around 80% of the market. Mechanically attached systems are lightweight and are ideal for all building sizes and configurations. They can be installed faster and at a lower cost. The top layer of a mechanically attached roof is a reinforced membrane made from EPDM, TPO or PVC. Under the membrane is a layer of insulation and below that is the actual roof deck. The roof deck on commercial buildings can be made of metal, wood, tectum, or gypsum with approved fasteners. It can also be constructed of formed concrete, but hurricane-proof concrete roofs are not cost effective, or needed, in Minnesota. When installing mechanically attached roofs, the membrane roll is laid down and then the screws are driven directly through the insulation boards into the metal deck below. Typically, the screws are drilled in at the edge of the membrane roll then covered with the edge of the next sheet as the rolls are successively put down. A watertight seal is then created by heat-welding the membranes together with a hot-air gun. This seals any gaps and creates a single, flat, waterproof surface.
A large commercial building with a TPO flat roof.
Benefits of Fully Adhered System

The Main Benefits of Mechanically Attached System


EPDM Benefits with MAS

  • Adaptable to unusual roof configurations
  • Use of large EPDM panels
  • Fewer seams
  • Fast coverage, less weather sensitive
  • Lightweight system
  • High wind uplift performance

TPO & PVC Benefits with MAS

  • Heat-welded or RhinoBond® electromagnetic induction welded
  • Zero penetrations with RhinoBond®
  • High wind uplift performance
  • Resistance to hail and accidental punctures
  • Top ply membrane thickness adds improved durability

Mechanically Attached System

  • Reinforced Membrane
  • Fasteners and Plates
  • Acceptable Insulation
  • Approved Roof Deck


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