Flat roof repair Maplewood

Flat Roof Repair including EPDM, TPO, PVC & Built-Up in Maplewood

The process for flat roof repair of single ply membrane roofs starts by first locating the leak, which can be the hardest part. Flat roof inspections and reports are one of the main services that Rubber Roofing MN offers to Maplewood residents. We can inspect your flat roofs and recommend repairs or maintenance, or document the condition of your flat roofs and estimate their life expectancy. Repair or replacement of a flat roof depends on a number of key factors which are much more involved for a large commercial building in Maplewood than they are for a home in Maplewood with a sloped or flat roof. Rubber Roofing MN has the knowledge and experience to inspect larger commercial flat roofs and then determine which approach makes the best practical and financial sense for your business situation. We use a variety of physical and technical methods to find flat roof leaks for commercial property owners in Maplewood. We inspect the building envelope to make sure that we find the main source of the roof leak and then also check for any other possible secondary leaks that may be contributing to the problem. Another tool we use to find problem leaks on commercial flat roofs is infrared imaging at night, which can instantly locate water trapped below the roof membrane.

Flat Roof Repairs or Replacements for Maplewood Businesses

Finding and repairing commercial roof leaks (even in winter) takes years of experience and a thorough knowledge of flat roof installation methods. We understand where to search for leaks in fully-adhered roofing systems, mechanically-attached roofing systems, RhinoBond roofing systems, and ballasted roofing systems. On EPDM flat roofs in Maplewood our repairs are done using a primer and a compatible flat roof membrane patch. This membrane is typically pressure sensitive (peel and stick) and is either semi cured or uncured material (depending on the location of the leak – flashing or flat areas). This patch is finished with lap sealant at the perimeter edges. If the membrane is TPO or PVC, our repair is made with a heat welded material, either flashing material or field membrane again, depending on the location of the leak. TPO is required to have seam sealant applied to the perimeter edges of the patch, but PVC does not require it. If the leak is on a Built-Up Roof membrane, it is typically repaired with plastic cement and asphalt impregnated fabric after cleaning and removing gravel surfacing (as needed).
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